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The videos of the talks are available at

Morning Session: (9:00-12:15)

9:00-9:15  Opening Remarks (video)
9:15-10:00  Pedro Domingos     Keynote: Learning Tractable but Expressive Models
10:00-10:15  Rongjing Xiang*        On the Mismatch Between Learning and Inference for Single Network Domains
10:15-10:30  Rajhans Samdani     A Framework for Tuning Posterior Entropy in Unsupervised Learning
10:30-11:15  Poster Session (+ Coffee)
12:00-12:15  He He                         Cost-sensitive Dynamic Feature Selection

Lunch: (12:15-14:00)

Afternoon Session: (14:00-18:30)
14:00-14:45  David Sontag            Keynote: Structured Prediction using Linear Programming Relaxations
14:45-15:00  David Belanger          Speeding up MAP with Column Generation and Block Regularization
15:00-15:15  Peter Gehler              Learning Search Based Inference for Object Detection
15:15-15:30   Veselin Stoyanov**    Fast and Accurate Prediction via Evidence-Specific MRF Structure
15:30-16:15  Poster Session (+ Coffee)
16:15-17:00  Jason Eisner            Keynote: Learning Approximate Inference Policies for Fast Prediction
17:00-17:15  Filip Korc                    Approximating Marginals Using Discrete Energy Minimization
18:00-18:15  Jiarong Jiang             Learned Prioritization for Trading Off Accuracy and Speed
18:15-18:30  Closing Remarks

* Talk will be presented by the co-author, Jennifer Neville
** Talk will be presented by the co-author, Jason Eisner