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The schedule below is subject to change.

The list of accepted papers is available here.

   8:30    8:35   Opening Remarks  (Video)
   8:35    9:20   Dan Roth Amortized Integer Linear Programming Inference (Video)
   9:20  10:00   Poster Spotlights  (Video)
 10:00  10:30   Coffee Poster Session (10th floor, J&K in map)
 10:30  11:15  Ben Taskar Learning Discriminative Value of Information for Structured Prediction (Video)
 11:15  11:30  Sebastian Nowozin  Constructing Composite Likelihoods in General Random Fields (Video)
 11:30  11:45  Jiarong Jiang  Prioritized Asynchronous Belief Propagation (Video)
 11:45  12:00  Franziska Meier  The More the Merrier: Parameter Learning for Graphical Models with Multiple MAPs (Video)
 12:00    2:00  Lunch  
   2:00    2:45  Alan Fern Learning to Search the Space of Structured Outputs (Video)
   2:45    3:00  Fuxin Li  CSI: Composite Statistical Inference for Semantic Segmentation (Video)
   3:00    3:15  William Yang Wang  Programming with Personalized PageRank: A Locally Groundable First-Order Probabilistic Logic (Video)
   3:15    3:30  Ujjwal Das Gupta  Learning Markov Networks with Bounded Inference Complexity (Video)
   3:30    4:00  Coffee Poster Session (10th floor, J&K in map)
   4:00    4:45  Rina Dechter On Finding First and m-best Solutions in Probabilistic Graphical Models (Video)
   4:45    5:30   Hal Daume Better! Faster! Stronger (theorems)! Learning to Balance Accuracy and Efficiency when Predicting Linguistic Structures (Video)

Sameer S,
Jun 19, 2013, 12:44 AM